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Ethos Innovative Solution Ltd Fire Door Inspectors are fully BRE accredited to undertake a range of fire door inspections and certifications. We regularly undertake inspections in hospitals, high-rise residential buildings, office blocks, university campuses and student halls of residence with the aim of keeping occupants safe by helping to prevent fires spreading.

Our in-house experts check a range of things, including whether each door:

  • Has the correct fire rating for its location

  • Is fitted properly, without the type of gaps that can damage the building’s compartmentation

  • Is not damaged in a way that would impair its performance in the event of a fire

  • Has the right hardware and closers, and that they function correctly

  • Has the right intumescent strips

  • Is properly identified on both the door signage and in the building’s asset register

  • Where appropriate, has the right type of glazing and that it is fitted correctly

On completion of your fire door inspection, you will be provided with a detailed report describing each door’s condition and highlighting any necessary remedial work. Where doors are found to be non-compliant, we can also supply a detailed quote for the work required to rectify the defects

Ethos Innovative Solutions Ltd’s fully trained and accredited team offer fire door certification services for both new builds and older sites, including tall buildings and large multi-building campuses.

For new builds, our specialists assess the quality of the initial fire door installations before handover to ensure your site complies with Building Regulations and satisfies your insurer’s requirements. The work includes assigning each door a unique tag number and certificate, which can then be used as the basis of the fire door section of the site’s asset register.

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fire door REVIEWS

In existing buildings, our inspectors check the condition of the fire doors and recommend any repairs required to improve safety and achieve full RRO compliance. Once faulty doors have been replaced or defects repaired, the Ethos I.S team will issue the appropriate new certificates.

As part of our commitment to achieving the highest possible safety standards at all our customers’ sites, we have in-house Technical Compliance Auditors who monitor and report on our installation work. These internal Ethos I.S audits are over and above those provided by the certification bodies, giving you greater peace of mind about passive fire protection compliance at your properties.

Ethos Innovative Solutions Ltd offer fire door PPM and ongoing inspection services tailored to meet the precise needs of the site you are responsible for and to help maintain compliance with the RRO.

Fire doors in some locations are subject to heavy usage and are likely to suffer damage due to everyday wear and tear or vandalism. For example, doors in hospital corridors are liable to be damaged by trolleys, while closers are often damaged in delivery areas and residential blocks due to doors being jammed open.

In such settings, a PPM programme will help to identify and rectify non-compliance issues at the earliest possible time, while also assisting with budget management. 

Almost all tall buildings and multi-building campuses have hundreds (and in some cases, thousands) of fire doors, making designing an ongoing inspection regime that complies with the legal requirements of RRO and managing the associated record keeping a complex task.

Ethos Innovative Solutions Ltd have all the expertise and resources needed to handle this task on your behalf. In addition to accredited staff, we have a bespoke software system that simplifies record keeping and, because it allows issues to be recorded in a visual form, helps to prioritise repair work and with the forecasting of maintenance budgets.

Records compiled and managed by Ethos I.S as part of ongoing fire door inspections, can also be used to demonstrate compliance to Fire Service Enforcement Officers, Building Control, insurers and other external bodies.

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Service portfolio

Ethos Innovative Solutions Ltd are fully accredited BRE and DHF Fire Door Inspectors, offering a range of innovative solutions for your business. With our 3D Scanning Technology we provide commercial and residential clients with virtual tours of their buildings that can be used for safety or promotional reasons.

Ethos Innovative Solutions are fully accredited BRE and DHF Fire Door Inspectors with years of experience providing full comprehensive reports on fire door compliance. We work in every sector that requires property Management and give clear concise reports on each fire door enabling businesses to put in cost effective remedial actions to bring you into compliance.

Ethos Innovative Solutions are a FIRAS accredited contractor providing passive fire protection to UK Facility Management Companies, Construction, Education, Healthcare and many other business sectors. We provide a comprehensive fire protection service to ensure clients' properties comply with the regulatory reform (fire safety) order 2005 and approved document B of the building regulations.

Keep your employees and property safe with our passive fire protection services. We work in every sector such as Healthcare, Education, Local Authorities, Retail, Leisure, Social Housing, Property Management and Commercial and we can respond quickly to provide you cost effective solutions to keep you safe

Fire strategies should be developed at the same time as the blueprint for the building. They are specific and tailored to each individual building.
Typically, they will cover:
• Evacuation routes and exits.
• Fire alarms and emergency lighting.
• Firefighting equipment.
• Fire rating of walls, doors, floors and structure.
• External fire spread issues.
• Facilities for the fire brigade.